DUAL SESSIONS – Symposium for Audio Culture

What role do vinyl and turntable play today?

How can their popularity be understood in the context of the renaissance of analog sound media and technologies in recent years? And what future is to be expected for them in the digital age? The DUAL Sessions approach these and related questions in a multidisciplinary format that brings together industry, science, art, music and pop, because we believe that engaging with a topic that is so closely interwoven with the most diverse cultural practices involves performances and artistic positions as well as lectures and discussions. Thus, we not only want to provide a complex survey of the current situation, but also create interfaces that open up new potentials for engaging with this topic. There is hardly any place that could be more suitable for such an endeavor than St. Georgen in the Black Forest, where the history of German phonographic industry is most closely intertwined with the brand name DUAL.

15|07|2017 Phonomuseum St. Georgen in the Black Forest

Global Forest DUAL Sessions 2017 Photo Archive

Global Forest DUAL Sessions 2017 Music Archive

Global Forest DUAL Sessions 2017 Radio Show NTS London

Photocredit: Anatol Serexhe

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