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Nothing New: Willkommen



No One Wants It”, is about two artist & activists, Chi Him Chik & Sascha Brosamer, who use Noise as a form of protest against the dismantling of human liberties in Hong Kong. The film employs a non-conventional documentary style to bring an abstract and fluid style, reminiscent of the No Wave Cinema, which is a big influence in their work. 


An audiovisual performance pays homage to the fallen pearl, reflects the cycle of pain and tears of the lost city Hong Kong, voices and screams for the victims of violence. With Noise, expression and thoughts made possible. Chaos will be the new colour, hoarse will be the new song; no one in, and no one out. At this moment, change is the only way, logic and love is the only potion. At this moment, everyone is a revolution.

Featuring in order of appearance:

Sascha Brosamer
Chi Him Chik

Directing: Ronen Eldar & Oliver Zimmermann

Camera: Sonja Madani

Editor: Athénaïs Laffont

Dubbing Mix: Claudio Ahlers

Poem: Tammy Ho Lai-Ming

Voice: Isabella Bartdorff

Experimental footage / Image manipulation by Chi Him Chik

Hong Kong Protest Footage provided by Studio Incendo


Nothing New: Willkommen
Nothing New: Video Player
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