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Photo: Pietro Pellini


The five-person improvisation collective SOHNE has been working in the field of tension between noise, free jazz and contemporary music since 2012. Due to the different backgrounds of the members both personally and artistically, genre labels such as “Underground Noise” and “Upper Class Modern” are brought to a collision, whereby the musicians achieve their own synergy effects. The collective is characterized in particular by its playful and open approach, which seeks its form between free improvisation and fun in (joint) play but also in the friction with and with the fellow players. In addition to its core cast, SOHNE often plays with guests such as Käthe Kruse (Die tödliche Doris), Olga Nosova, Rolf Pifnitzka, Graham Dunning. The collective's musical dialogue is expanded to include visual and performative elements. Pia Abzieher -keys, Sascha Brosamer - grammophone, electronics, Sebastian Bauhof - cello, Felix Mayer - trombone, David Leutkart - electronics

Sohne: Willkommen
Sohne live in Paris part 1

Sohne live in Paris part 1

Sohne: Video Player
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