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Nothing New: Willkommen

Nothing New

is a nomadic art collective negotiating experimental sound and social performance. Using light, presence, action, technology and sound they mount site-specific explorations of contemporary listening culture. The instruments (the piano, the gramophone, the harmonium, the voice, the electric guitar, and mobile devices) become signifiers referencing histories of listening culture. Noise becomes the all-encompassing symbol of now, and the bodies in space - performers and audience - grow into a network of transmitters and receivers.


'Nothing New' is: Abi Tariq, Pakistani conceptual performance and sound artist living and working in Paris; Sascha Brosamer, conceptual performance and sound artist living and working on tour; Lisa Schlenker, German cross-media artist living and working in Bali; Giulia Currà, Italian conceptual performance artist living and working in Milan; Ronen Eldar, French/Israeli writer & filmmaker living and working in London.


‘GrainField' is a web-based application used to network the audience and create an immersive listening experience. 'GrainField' was designed by Benjamin Matuszewski and Norbert Schnell as part of the CoSiMa research project developed at the IRCAM Center Pompidou.

Videocredit: Ronen Eldar

Nothing New: Willkommen
Nothing New: Video Player
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